Surfers are a group continuously exposed to the immediate effects of wet-weather runoff because the waves are often much better during and just after a rain event.

Denise Guerra started surfing two years ago. As an amateur, she hits the waves along Venice,  Santa Monica and other coastal areas in the Bay. Guerra sees all types of debris along the shoreline and in the sand. Guerra says she won’t go into the water to surf when it rains because of a bad experience she had.

“I was over on Sunset Point…it wasn’t even raining that hard, it was just a sprinkle…It was a gross pea soup I would describe it, like green bubbles floating up,” Guerra said. “I’ve never seen it before and it was really gross. The waves are good but it’s just nasty.”

Find out what she thinks about swimming in the water after a rain event, and what surf culture says about getting the best waves – rain or shine.

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